One for Two Homes

A Social Self-Build model created by Toodio and In Partnership with The Micro-Developments Bureau

We are in the process of creating a model for self builders and Local Authorities to develop small plots of unused council land on a leasehold basis to create new unique One-For-Two Homes that are affordable and social.


We work with self-build principles to create two homes costing less that the price to buy one on the open market. One of those homes for the self-builder and the other for a local authority social rent. This system creates incentives for both local authorities and first-time-buyers looking to get onto the housing market.

These infill developments are aimed at existing social residential communities to densify existing estates, providing more affordable housing and social rented properties without the normal disruption of larger scale and private developments.

We can apply circular economy principals to use sites with uncertain futures; with deconstructable design that can accommodate change, we can unlock the potential of underutilised land without preventing future redevelopment.

At One-For-Two we are working on the process for the self-builder, councils and financial funders to work together to get the best out of existing residential communities.

We are looking for councils to collaborate with and plots of land to run pilot schemes for this project.